About Us


We foresee a future where every child has access to quality education, with ThirdEye’s digital platform working towards bringing the vision of ‘EDUCATION TO ALL’ to execution by reaching the remotest areas of the country and that too at a very affordable price. Taking care of the students not just academically but health too by using effective visuals & colors soothing to eyes therefore not straining a student’s eye. The right career direction to pave the path for a successful future by making an informed decision!




ThirdEye truly believes that ‘Knowledge is that which liberates’ and that the knowledge should be for all.

Career guidance

ThirdEye, a platform for one-stop solution to all your career-based problems. We aim to provide affordable career guidance at your fingertips.

Technology driven learning

ThirdEye provides high-quality technology i.e., AI-based Psychometric and aptitude analysis to kick-start your journey in the right direction making students aware of their possibilities or qualities with a complete analysis of their personality. Providing students with an ocean of more than 200 career options to choose from, in addition to an expert session for the best advice in their respective field.


ThirdEye offers the latest job updates with our Newsletter, for an aspirant to avail every opportunity! Make well-informed decisions with our support and guidance because in your success lies ours!!, which inculcates our goal of social welfare. We at ThirdEye want to make your dreams our own, for there can be no amount put to hard work, persistence, and a will to achieve!!

Our team

Vinay Pratap Singh
Founder & CEO
Kumar Sambhav Sawansukha
Priyanka Lakhera
Abhishek Sharma
Gaurav Sandhu
Core Team Member
Kshitij Sharma
Core Team Member
Priti Singh
Core Team Member
Vijaya Laxmi Dubey
Core Team Member
Shubham Kothari
Core Team Member